APB Reloaded How to purchase Clotting Agent II and Happy Landings II Guide

This guide is about How to purchase Clotting Agent II and Happy Landings II with 20 000 $ each ! Ok so if you need to buy those upgrades character modifications with low price.

What is need to do to unlock those upgrades ?


First go to Financial District and pledge to Veronika Lee

After you maxed Level 10 with Veronika Lee , Shift will be unlocked and you need to Pledge with Shift now.

Ok so after you have level 10 with Shift, now you have unlocked in Waterfront District a guy named Harmon Benjamin, go to him and pledge, make level 3 and Clotting Agent 2 and Happy Landings II are now unlocked .

Look at Prof

Select an empty slot from Character and press Change

Now select your desired upgrade

Now is equipped and you are ready to fight !!!

What you have unlocked with Harmon Benjamin 

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