Start now your own business with blackberries

If you want to start a business, we offer you a deal with blackberries, because blackberries, you can not lose anything.

Why can not lose? Because even if you can not sell in time before they dry, harvest them and make liquor or brandy traditional and 100% Natural.

But that is something you're into it, must necessarily have a lot of ambition and patience if you live in town, because you must learn to work the earth and

to pay a supervisor to work the land and people.

Because barbs on stems, harvesting wild blackberries is quite hard.In commercial stations and gardens are cultivated varieties of blackberries population without thorns (Thornfree, Smoothstem, Ergreen), originating in North America (USA). Fruits of these varieties are harvested in the second half of August and the first decade of September.

These varieties have very large fruit, red berries resembling-iiatoare with, but more acidic and the Association of drupeole grip of receptacle (the raspberries is loose). Hybrid varieties ripening fruit to begin in the second decade of June, with the raspberry.

Blackberries ripening on your same is spread over a period of over a month.

However, all these are not extremely difficult, especially if you already know the name of good varieties and production that are not wild and without thorns.

View all the necessary information on our site

Business with blackberries are very profitables, on this website you have all info needed to start a business with blackberries and you can try with one and you will see how fast and beautiful grows under your eyes.

This business is a very good idea to earn money from earth land and you can say " business relationship with domestic blackberries, easy to maintain".

Dont think to much just start this idea, These varieties can be completely green and you can start your business, then it is almost mandatory these days to build you a website (we can help here) to give more information and to sell merchandise.

This way people can come to you to "farm" and pick blackberries straight from the field because they have a great influence on the human body and very many people prefer to collect directly.

To sell them would not be very difficult, because blackberries can be purchased: bakeries, hotels, restaurants, factories alcohol or liquor, drug factories, but you can send directly to people at home is a very flourishing, should just you have some money and resolve.

On this site you will also find many secrets for growing and harvesting blackberries including images or videos.

Also the blackberry can do tea, liquor, alcohol, medical, jam, juice, decorations, cakes..etc. Perhaps the idea is not totally new but is a very good business ideas that we understand the article. But if you want to start a business that does not have competition you have to do something special, and say that this is a great deal.

Important Note ! After planting, should be kept in mind that this plant needs very much space, it will quickly suffocate what is around if not cared for and raised on a trellis. Are more appropriate management systems, a tutor, two tutors on single or double trellis. The most interesting variants remain but the blackberry covers a natural support, such as a dry tree trunk, a rock wall or a high fence of concrete. 

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