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The largest developer of games for Facebook wants to be listed on U.S. stock exchanges. The U.S. company Zynga, the largest developer of games for Facebook, could launch an initial public offering by the end of June, to take advantage of strong demand for shares in the company of social networking, said a source cited by Bloomberg. Read More >>

Colorful, a new video card names. Colorful is a Chinese manufacturer of video cards, cases and sources that attack from increasingly aggressive global market, trying to gain notoriety and customers. And their last attempt, which he brings to our attention, is the implementation of Ymir iGame560 in GF114 GPU (GeForce GTX 560). Read Article >>

 New water cooler From Corsair. Besides excellent SSDs RAM modules, those from Corsair are appreciated and the range of water coolers is Hydro, effective sidestul accessible. And now preparing to launch two new models, better than what they now offer: H80 and H100. Read More >>

The Tablets are in very Fashion, users use Tablets for anything these days. Tablet Display 2560 * 1600 pixels. Those from Samsung is preparing to launch a new type of displays of 10.1 "(25.7 cm), with an impressive resolution of 2560 * 1600 pixels. It is suitable for future Galaxy Tabs. But there will be other claims Tablet PCs. And you'll need a fairly powerful GPU.


Dear Readers you may have heard many weird things in technology look at this : HP's first Wi-Fi Mouse. Mice normally connects wirelessly to the PC or by simple radio signal or through The advanced Bluetooth. But HP now has another idea: why not use Wi-Fi available natively on any notebook? So from StarDate this mouse, called Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, addressed almost exclusively for laptops.

OCZ Talos SSD. These days people from OCZ has launched a new series of SSDs, Talos, which includes for the first models of 3.5 ", with the promise that the 2.5 versions will follow. " These SSDs are designed enterprise segment, and use SAS interface 600. OCZ started this series with two separate families, C and R, which are divided by the average capacity and functioning.

TeamGroup SR1 and SR3. Those from TeamGroup preparing to launch two new flash drives, SR1 and SR3. They have a nice design, and different interface, and default and transfer speeds and price. Thus, while SR3 boils down to the old USB 2.0, USB 3.0 SR1 and enjoy all his performance bonuses.

Lian Li PC-U6 Cowry. Lian Li is known for the quality of their products, but also for their sobriety. But now it seems that violate their principles, releasing the PC case-U6 CoWRY a completely original and unique design. And while the middle tower is declared due to the shape of the shell (or spiral) is not too much room inside.


Nice Colored is Good Looking Camera, small is in fashion i say. Contour sports cameras go semi-pro with new Contour+. The ContourHD and ContourGPS sports cameras are compact, rugged, and (most importantly) inexpensive action cameras that are great for recording epic videos of extreme sports. We use a few of them (along with the competing GoPro HD Hero cam) to record segments for our Car Tech videos and, Read

 At SRI bomb disabling robots go mini. MENLO PARK, Calif.--At SRI International, innovation has long been the goal. This is the place where the computer mouse was born, where the first Internet connection happened, and where the first wireless communications were initiated. It's also home to wall-climbing robots and much more. Read 

 Smartphone of "paper" !!! What ? we are in speed century, is not a scene fiction news right ? Human Media Lab Queen's University in Canada has developed a smartphone called PaperPhone. It works exactly as you would expect a smartphone to function normally only the screen is made ​​of flexible electronic paper - E Ink. Roel Vertegaal, director, says this is the future in the field. Read More

 Google has a new operating system for Free and is running online. Strange ? will se very soon .Chromebook comes on June 15. Google started two days ago event Google I / O in San Francisco. They said all sorts of news that we hope will succeed and we present them to you here. The second day of the event was designed Chromebook's version for everyone netbook OS Chrome CR-48. Chromebook will be produced by Samsung and Acer. Read More


Those of us announced that their future Gigabyte motherboards for Intel processors Sandy Bridge will becarried out together with those from LucidLogix . But do not think the Gigabyte motherboards that incorporate the Hydra 200 chip, and allow simultaneous use of video cards from AMD or nVidia. At least not yet.

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Osama bin Laden in a message before his death: There will be security in the U.S., until it is security in Palestine.Al-Qaida founder Osama bin Laden, warned that there will be no security in the United States' security in Palestine "in an audio message recorded before his removal to Pakistan and a U.S. commando published Sunday on an Islamist website.

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Euro could depreciate months because of rumors that Greece wants to give up to Euro. The euro could depress stressed Monday, following rumors that Greece has raised the possibility of leaving the euro area at a meeting of several eurozone finance ministers, according to estimates of analysts polled by The Guardian.

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IT professionals are impulsive and take risks, according to a study. Most IT professionals are adventurous, impulsive and like risk, according to a survey only applied to Computer Weekly readers.Computer Weekly has teamed up with Psychological Consultancy to research attitudes of IT professionals in terms of risk. 

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