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Donkey's milk, the secret of Cleopatra. What property is ?. Donkey's milk, which is believed was the secret of Cleopatra's perfection, it is useful in slimming diets. This type of milk contains large amounts of Omega 3 and calcium is good for your heart and keep energy levels high. Read >>

How to fight effectively against perspiration? How to avoid sweat stains under the arms and odors that occur when the temperature increases? The editors of a website offers seven tips to help you keep your freshness in all conditions. Read >>

Rain crystals in clouds around stars in training. NASA's Spitzer telescope has spotted small green crystals of mineral called olivine, which are falling onto the surface of stars in the making. It is the first time that such crystals have been observed in clouds of dust and gas around stars gathered in formation. Read >>

Neurons from skin cells! Researchers were able to transcribe a DNA sequence. Researchers in California have managed to transform human epithelial cells in a few functional brain cells, according to a study published recently in the scientific journal Nature. Read >>

Rarity of birds in the world: A baby was born white Kiwi bird in New Zealand. A baby white kiwi bird, considered a rarity, was born in New Zealand, the most fertile season Complementing the inauguration of a sanctuary to protect the iconic species for the southern hemisphere, announced on Friday,  Read >>

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