You Have Seen That

You have seen that ?

Tegra 3 play Lost Planet 2 >>>

Windows 8 presented >>>

Tegra 2 over Oak Trail in Android OS >>>

Sapphire HD 6950 to reduce costs >>>

New DDR3 manufacturers >>>

Asus Mars II >>>

OCZ shows RevoDrive Hybrid >>>

HD 6870 X2 and HD 6970 X2 >>>

Toshiba Thrive - Tablet PC with Android 3.1 Honeycomb officialy launched >>

Netcom has a microSD card with integrated NFC chip >>

Sony Ericsson ST18i >>

Lian Li PC-U6 Cowry - more details >>

TeamGroup SR1 and SR2 - more details >>

OCZ Talos SSD - more details >>

HP Wi-Fi Mouse - more details >>

Samsung New Tablets - more details >>

You know that - Processors = Intel and AMD right ? Read this article and will see something. VIA preparing a quad core. While Intel and AMD processors are struggling to bring increasingly better performance with more cores and embedded VIA struggles to bring its first quad core. It is scheduled for the third quarter of this year 2011, using 40 nm process technology, and is called simply L4700.
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Did you ever think that you can earn money without investing anything? Is True, but you wondering how you help to do that ? I have the answer Google. What you must do ? ..Make a Blog on some articles with what you want ..examples : Write about Your neighborhood, about food recipes, sport fat loss...idea is to be original.

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You have pain on specific zone and dont know what is there ? Study 3D human body anatomy with new site. Where exactly is the pituitary gland? You are now through the website dedicated to 3D visualization of the human body, and GE launched Healthymagination Healthline Networks, a website that also works, and that search engine

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Apple,the mostvaluablebrand. During 2010, Apple managed to become the most valuable brand in the world, thanks to an increase of 84% to $ 153.3 billion. Thus, Apple has surpassed Google, which now occupies the second place with $ 111.5 billion, and a decrease of 2%. And find a place three IBM brand, which he climbed by 17% to $ 100.8 billion.

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Whoa ! Very exciting News we have on - Receive money to watch ads on Facebook. Facebook, last week introduced a program that will reward users watch some ads on social networking site. The reward will be in money but in the credits that they can buy various Deals on Facebook. 

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Free shipping on WinMo7. According to Microsoft, a part of the reputed success of the Android operating system from Google is due to free shipping included. So this will also get Windows Mobile 7, the next major update, Mango. However, not helped Maps Ovi from Nokia to impose Symbian software

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Even if we ignore the SATA issues addressed, chipsets Cougar Point Sandy Bridge processors were designed from the outset insufficient. Intel has released an excellent range of CPUs, but like the cut of the first avant dedicated chipsets. And only now these processors can be used to their full value, thanks to the new Z68.

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