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Good start for ARM

More and more tablet PCs and smartphones sold worldwide. And the majority of beats within a processor with ARM architecture. So I would think that the ARM is doing very well. And I was right. Unlike the first three months of last year, grew by approximately 25%.  Read in detail 

SDXC Card waterproof

We do not know how much water are sensitive to SD memory cards. I honestly do not think that would deteriorate too much from a diving injury and a subsequent thorough drying. 

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Optimus desktop this means Synergy

Optimus technology was launched early last year by nVidia. And when enabled laptops with integrated graphics and Intel CPU GeForce IGP to use either the GPU or separately, as needed, conserving battery without compromising performance.  Read in detail 

PlayStation Network stopped

This year, Easter has brought the PlayStation users, an undeserved break. For starting on April 20, 2011 PlayStation Network has been turned off by Sony. A clear and concise explanation has been offered so far. All that is known is that the network was closed for repairs due to external intrusion.

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Nintendo leave DS Lite behind

Nintendo released the DS Lite handheld console in about five years ago. Meanwhile the market and models brought DSi, DSi XL, and now the 3DS. And life's DS Lite is now approaching its end, Nintendo taking the decision to stop its production and to focus on newer versions. Read in detail 

Razer Hydra

The Razer company was tired of mouses , keyboards, and controllers have switched to more extravagant, as is Hydra. And talk about a movement device, especially for the game Portal 2, consisting of a base that emits a low intensity magnetic field and follows with an accuracy of 1 mm and 1 degree the two satellites. Read in detail 

Buffalo MiniStation on USB 2.0

In the era of USB 3.0 from the Buffalo MiniStation series found it appropriate to launch HD-PNTU2 of mobile HDDs 2.5 ", which are happy with USB 2.0 interface. For starters there will be two distinct models of 500 GB, with dimensions of 118 * 82 * 16 mm and weighing 190 grams, and 1 TB, 118 * 82 * 19 mm and 220 grams. 
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Patriot Torqx 2

Not only has new OCZ SSDs at this time. Ci and Patriot, which brings us four new 2.5 ", launched in February Torqx range. They have capacities of 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB respectively, and reach read speeds of 270 MB / sec write and 230 MB / sec. And that is satisfied with SATA 300. 
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OCZ VeloDrive

To circumvention limitations SATA and SAS interfaces, and offer pure performance, the OCZ is preparing to launch SSD in the enterprise segment VeloDrive, which connects to your PC PCI-E 2.0 8x and allows transfer speeds of up to 1 GB / sec, with 130,000 IOPS with 4KB files.
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Plextor PX-LB950UE

It seems that Plextor is trying to regain leadership in the field of optical units had a few years ago, launching the external BD-RW PX-LB950UE fastest Blu-Ray burner on the market at this time. He can write BD-R at speeds up to 12x, meaning 54 MB / sec. 
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Thunderbolt successor

Thunderbolt connectivity, Intel launched to complement the new USB 3.0, offering a high bandwidth of 10 Gb / s, PCI-E combines the DisplayPort standard in a simple and cheap. Use copper wires, more than three feet long, attached to a miniDisplayPort, and allow series-connected devices.
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Acer announces Web Surfing Monitor Station

Acer has announced that its new Monitor, Web Surfing Station, capable of web browsing without using a PC, will be available next month for £ 299.

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Toshiba announces laptop that does not require 3D glasses

Toshiba Dynabook Qosmio T851/D8CR says will be the first laptop of its kind in the world. Until now, Toshiba has announced the launch of the device only in Japan.

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1 TB per platan 3.5″ 

Seagate urmeaza sa-si consolideze pozitia pe piata HDD-urilor, prin achizitia diviziei corespondente de la Samsung. Dar pana atunci ne atrage atentia cu noile sale modele de 3.5″, ce se lauda cu o densitate a datelor de 625 GB/inch2, sau mai simplu cu cate 1 TB per platan.
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AMD Phenom II X4 980 BE

Now on the brink of launching the new architecture by AMD Bulldozer, it introduced a new quad core Phenom II X4 in the family, the fastest so far: 980 Black Edition. So it's a generation K10.5 Deneb processor, developed in 45nm process technology, which climbs up to 3.7 GHz frequency.
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