Why married men live longer than bachelors

Why married men live longer than bachelors


Married men have longer life than their counterparts, bachelors, I knew, but we were not clear why. Here, however, that it was not long, and experts came and eplicatia: familistii rather go to the doctor when you feel like something is wrong, than men themselves.

Both men and women, as long as they live longer family. Psychological comfort, support which it provides mutual motivation - here are some reasons that support the theory. But scientists have searched deeper issue and have brought to the surface and more concrete explanation. Well, while bachelors neglect their health problems, concerned with other aspects of living alone, people get married more often to the doctor. Pushed the wife or family responsibility, the latter are more likely to be disgnosticati early and receive effective treatment for any condition.

Going more specifically on diseases that men face a greater extent than women, experts drew consluzia as heart attack or stroke him reap more singles. That's because men take place in their home, usually measures at the first sign of disease.

"One family, the woman is often the one who pay attention and watch the health of members, so that her husband insisted to go to the doctor at the first sign that something is wrong," says Clare Atzema of Clinical Evaluative Sciences Institute, Toronto, quoted by CNN.

Moreover, the role that women assume the marriage is so prominent that even when they lack physical health has a positive influence on her husband: "It is enough to think about the reaction of his wife to come home and you will find a few hours after suffering a heart attack and the man in question will not hesitate to seek emergency and professional help, "he explained Dr. Aztema.

In addition, women who will ensure that their husband properly prescribed medical treatment. Or, simply, that it will!

Another aspect is that men ignore or deny physical symptoms - both of them and on their partners. Therefore, they are not an item with a major influence on family health. That is why women do not suffer major health changes depending on marital status. They care for themselves in a greater extent than men, whether married or not.

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