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Icelandic eruption: Incredible images captured from space. Grimsvoetn Icelandic eruption ended Wednesday after more than four days of work, according to Icelandic geologists, removing the specter of a long air chaos as that caused, one year ago, the ash from the volcano Eyjafjoell. See More >>

Fuel from the other two reactors at Fukushima could be melted. Japanese Fukushima nuclear power plant operator admitted on Tuesday that it is possible that the fuel rods in reactors 2 and 3 to have melted after the accident caused by an earthquake followed by tsunami in March. Read Details >>

At least 116 dead after a tornado in the U.S. state of Missouri. At least 116 people died on Monday following the tornado that devastated the city of Joplin in the U.S. state of Missouri, where the response team is still trying on Tuesday morning to find survivors. Read Details >>

Endeavour has been connected to the ISS last time. U.S. space shuttle Endeavour, with six astronauts on board, including an Italian, has joined Wednesday on International Space Station (ISS), NASA announced their representatives. Read More >>

A new volcanic eruption in Iceland. Icelandic airspace was closed. Icelandic airspace was closed temporarily on Sunday morning because Grimsvoetn eruption, the most active in the country, which triggered a huge cloud of smoke, airport authorities announced (Isavia). Read More>>

Vatican premiere !Pope spoke for first time to the International Space Station astronauts. Pope Benedict XVI spoke on Saturday, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS), including those arriving on Wednesday, the shuttle Endeavour, the first conversation of a Pope with astronauts in space.

Consumption of raw vegetables,the probable cause the spread of dangerous bacteria in Germany . Cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce may be eaten raw at the origin of the rapid spread of dangerous bacteria, said Wednesday the German Ministry of Agriculture,  Read More >>

An ancient marine predator survived longer than scientists thought. Some fossils found in Morocco have allowed scientists to discover an ancient marine predator, whose species has survived longer than previously thought, according to a study published on  Read More >>

The full 3D map of the universe known. Astronomers have succeeded in mapping the 380 million light years. The full 3D map of the universe was made ​​known by British astronomers. The map, based on the principle effect of redshift (Doppler effect), extends over a distance of 380 million light

Robot Spirit on Mars has ceased to issue, after more than six years of activity. NASA has abandoned attempts to contact Mars robot explorer Spirit, who has not sent any signal to Earth on March 22, 2010, announced the U.S. space agency representatives. Read More >>

An archaeological treasure consists of 17 pyramids and tombs and thousands of old houses was discovered in Egypt by American archaeologist Sarah Parcak with data and images transmitted by a satellite of NASA. Read More >>

AIDS: The explanation for poor immune response to the HIV virus. Scientists have identified a cellular factor that could explain why dendritic cells, true "sentinel" of the immune system, sometimes have a poor response to the HIV virus, this discovery opened the way for the development of new  Read More >>

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