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Orange 0007 upperplace :  price 299 USD

Template is for sale and is unique,(after you buy a template , that template will be removed from store and never be sold again) and is without any content but when you buy a template automaticaly you will get a free web design software to fill template with your content. But before you buy this template you can choose dimmensions ...etc.

Pack will contain 3 folders :

1. Name of your choosen template

2. Website design software (to fill your website with information) free

3. Ftp Upload Client Free (to upload your work)

After you paid for a template, send a email to with :

1. Your nickname or name

2. Your email (email or source that you paid)

3. Choosen Template

4. If you want some changes to the template, then write in the email

Also here is a live recorded video with Orange 0007 template

Here is a short video with how to fill your template

Here is some colors , choose your desired color by code

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Enjoy !

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