Tech Speed Century

We are in Speed Century ...


and let`s see here what is newest technologies apeared in last days or months

Cubitek Magic Cube 3HDD see it >>

Panasonic Toughbook S10 see it >>

Samsung PM830 SSD

Quantum computer

1.6 TB SSD from TMS

How does the autopilot from Volkswagen

Nokia has a negative profit in second quarter

Acer Cloud coming in 2012

Windows with zoom Toyota

Google bought the network Fridge

MacBook Air to the fourth generation

Gigabyte A2 Tiny

Second quarter of 2011 AMD

Core i7 3960X performance up to 50%

Approximately four million people in the EU suffer from rare cancers

Secret of happiness in couple Discovered !

Incredible images from space taken by a telescope installed by an amateur astronomer


Flying machine means of transport of the future

ARCA presented to NASA IAR-111 program designed for Google Lunar X Prize competition

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