TV LED 3D LG 81 FullHD

TV LED 3D LG 81 FullHD - code 32LW570S


Prepare yourself for a 3D movie experience to the highest standards, even in the comfort of your home. Forget the glasses and picture heavy and uncomfortable fluctuating 3D conventional technology. Now enjoy 3D as in cinema, even at home. 3D Cinema LG TV is the new standard of excellence of three-dimensional experience.

Super Features

FullHD (very important)

No more dizziness or discomfort. LG Technology Cinema3D comfort in viewing images rendered eliminating fluctuations in glasses and allows you to watch 3D images so for a long time without feeling dizzy or tired. While eyeglasses eliminate fluctuations Cinema3D advanced imaging, 3D art LG panel provides clearer images without shadows. Enjoy the experience of viewing images without overlapping or dizziness associated with conventional 3D technology. Certification Flicker-Free 3D.

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