Rage Game How to Exit From Abandoned Distillery Guide

Guide how to find exit door on Abandoned Distillery in Rage Video Game 2011


Well you need to be carefull and you will see the door in front of you, you must go to the door that is open after you make Two Bottles of Blueshine and then follow the path ..climb on ladder and is not too much ahead, but if you dont understand we have a video tutorial available on our website here ..watch and enjoy Rage Video Game

Things i like most in Rage Game 2011

AI Behavior, No exagered Graphics requirements, Story, Gameplay, Sniper Rifle

Things i hate most in Rage Game 2011

Ammo to expenssive, useless machine gun on cars, no manual target to guns atached to cars, useless machine guns (ammo too powerless), Too much inside of halls missions

Game Guide Tutorials For Rage Video Game Octomber 2011

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